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Brackenbury Primary School

Part of the
Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park

School Federation

School Federation

The Federation– Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park Primary School Federation

Brackenbury is a member of the Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park Primary School Federation. Since September 2014, Kenmont and Wendell Park Primary schools have operated with a shared Executive Head teacher. In September 2021, the partnership expanded with Brackenbury Primary School joining. The Federation is led by Executive Head teacher, Dave Collins.  In April 2023 the informal partnership changed to a Federation.

Each of the schools is a LA maintained community school and each school has it’s own unique identity. We aspire for our schools to be the number one choice for their local community, because they provide a broad, engaging and fun education.

The shared aims of our federation are:

  • to support the wellbeing of pupils and families,
  • to ensure pupils achieve the very highest outcomes,
  • to assist all organisations to perform more effectively,
  • to strengthen each school by working collaboratively,
  • to strengthen accountability within each school,
  • to provide excellent continuing professional development for staff
  • to empower the leaders of each school.

Working closely together with the Executive Head teacher , the schools have benefitted from: a distributed leadership model, strong subject leadership, a rigorous cycle of innovation and staff development, and a community committed to our shared values.