our school
Children are expected to wear:
  • red school sweatshirt or cardigan with logo
  • white polo shirt with logo
  • black or dark grey trousers, shorts, pinafores or skirts (NOT jeans or tracksuit bottoms)
  • red/white gingham summer dresses for girls in the summer month
  • black, dark grey, red or white socks or tights
  • black shoes (NOT trainers)
    PE Kit
  • red t-shirt with logo
  • black shorts or tracksuit trousers
Buying School Uniform

All items of uniform with the school’s logo on must be ordered directly from our supplier at stitchdesign.co.uk using the school’s post code, W6 0BA. Upon receipt of your order they aim to deliver your uniform within 3-5 days, which means that you no longer need to come to school to place or collect an order. We will hold a small stock of uniform at school for use as a sizing guide (to try on if you are not sure what size to order) or for sale in case of emergency but, as a general rule, we will not be selling new uniform through the school after 3rd January 2017. The school makes no money from uniform sales and all non-logo items (such as trousers, skirts, socks etc.) can be purchased from any retailer”.